December 18, 2008

On Vacation!

Well, I think this is going to be my last post of the year. I'm sitting right now in the very cushy Rio Sofitel with a view of Copacabana beach and my folks in the room across the swimming pool. As my friend Eve once famously said "I respond to luxury!"

(Sly Stallone was even having breakfast by the pool this morning. Can't get more posh than having breakfast with Rambo...)

My mom and stepdad got here yesterday and even though they were exhausted from the nearly 24 hours it took them to get here from California, we managed to keep them awake long enough for a pig-out at Porcão. That much meat is just all shades of wrong.

From here we will head up to Pernambuco and then back to Minas. We're doing our best to give them a whirlwind, try to squeeze it all in two short weeks, tour of Brazil. They'll head home on the 1st of January, so I don't know if I'll have a chance to post more -- and I actually had a few posts in mind.

I do have in my hot little hand a brand new Nikon camera (I played Santa to myself!), so come 2009, I hope to have figured out how to drive it and I can post lots and lots of photos here.

In the meanwhile, I've got one long post that I started working on last week, but didn't get around to finishing. If I can manage to get some internet time in from Olinda or Porto de Galinhas I'll see if I can't get it finished. If not, Merry Christmas and I'll see you in 2009!

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