August 17, 2008

First night in our house!

So nearly nine years after buying our land, we finally spent the first night there last night. We couldn’t have picked a more auspicious night to do so. A full moon, AND an eclipse.

We took a blanket and a bottle of wine and walked up our road and watched the moon rise over the mountains as it was just about reaching the apex of the eclipse. And holy crap! The moon always looks so much bigger when it is just rising, but to see it eclipse at the same time! And we were watching through binoculars (thanks dad!) so it looked like something out of a sci-fi painting. Crazy. The picture can’t even begin to do it justice.

But because C is still recovering from his laser eye correction surgery, what he saw probably closer to this.

With the moon dark for a while we snuggled up with our wine and saw more stars than I can remember ever seeing. We always dreamed about what the stars would look like on our mountain, so far away from any and all lighting. It was better than I hoped for.

Later we sat out on our veranda with a full moon shining down. It was so bright you could see as clear as day and it turned the green leaves of the trees silver, like they were covered in mercury.

It was so great to finally stay in our little house. We think it’s coming along very nicely – much faster than we expected.

We have lights.

And our bedroom is very cozy.

The bathroom has a spectacular view and the water pressure is awesome, making showers quite an invigorating experience.

We even have a highly sensitive security system. (Currently deactivated as it malfunctioned all night long – for some reason it went off every ten minutes and we couldn’t figure out how to shut it off

Oh! And the kitchen – a real joy to cook in. Modern, convenient and equipped with that much hyped wood burning stove.

Hey! Don’t laugh! It’s still a bit of a work in progress…

Personally we were thrilled. We finally had the chance to stay over night, and wake up to the monkeys howling and do some things we always dreamed of…

Like soaking up the morning sun on our veranda. Relaxing on our finely crafted, imported furniture and finishing off last night’s wine at 10am. (and why not??)

And birdwatching in our underwear.

And spending hours stalking butterflies.

You're just dying to come, right??

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RosenWager said...

It's gorgeous. We can't wait...