September 30, 2008

Fuel Efficiency - Brazilian style

Well, with gas prices soaring and the global economic meltdown melting almost as fast as the polar caps, I thought I’d take ya’ll on a little tour of how some Brazilians do fuel economy:

Here’s the off-road version:

Extra ox-power included. I could be wrong, but I bet Brazilians damn well invented the wheel. I mean look at those things. Perfection.

And in another variation, here’s the line up at a mid-town refueling station. Bio-diesel at its most cost-efficient.

These next ones don’t even need horsepower. With high storage capacity, and a compact frame, they are both practical and economical. And in a crowded city, parking is a snap. Sneakers are optional, but a good lunch of rice and beans usually increases their overall output.

Oh, and then it is easy to spot a number of these classic Fred Flintstone inspired vehicles. As far as miles per gallon, well, they pretty much don’t get any miles at all, so I think they win the over-all score on fuel efficiency.

There are a few other variations such as the two-wheeled versions (both motorized and pedal-powered). But seeing as they carry such a high mortality rate (mostly due to operator error) I wouldn’t recommend them.

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