About Lovely Dharma

I’m an American girl, married to a Brazilian boy, although he prefers to identify as a citizen of the world. After many years in the Big Bad Apple (17 for him, 14 for me) we packed up and moved to his hometown in the mountains of Minas Gerais. You can read more about him here and an rather epic version of how we met here.

We have a little farm near a beautiful state park where we like to pretend to be homesteaders. When we’re not acting out Green Acres, we return to modern life in an apartment replete with wi-fi and a flat screen tv, in a bustling city of a half million + inhabitants. We don’t have any kids yet, though not for lack of wanting, but we are parents to one very spoiled dog named Dharma.

The blog was originally named after her although people now have taken to calling me Dharma too, which is fine. Like many pets and their owners, we are slowly becoming the same person.

The blog was also named after an idea.

The term dharma has a long history and many subtle shades of meaning, but basically it is the idea that there is a hidden truth to the universe that keeps it in harmony, that keeps things moving along in an orderly and honest way. Dharma governs the way in which we see the world and the right way to live in it. The sacred literature of India is full of examples of people who try to go against the grain, live outside of their dharma. Those stories never end well.

We all spend a lot of time struggling with unnecessary things. At least I know I do. But if we accept the idea of dharma, the idea that the world is an inherently beautiful place and is perfectly designed to hold us in a balanced, harmonious way, if we just give up the fight, stop swimming against the current and just let ourselves be carried along on this wonderful, unknown adventure, it’s so much easier. Because the we're going to get carried along anyway, whether we realize it or not.

And that, in my opinion, is lovely.


Erin said...

Love your blog! Just found you on expat-blogs! I'm an American expat myself, but living in Australia. My family sponsored a Brasilian student for a few years when I was in high school and thus began my love affair with your beautiful adopted country. I've visted twice and if not for the rediculous cost of tickets from Sydney to Sao Paulo, I would visit all the time. I have had a good scan of your blog and look forward to exploring more deeply in time. Just wanted to say hi from your newest follower. All the best to you! Tchau!

by Sergio Heringer said...

Wow! I've just discovered your blog by Rachel's adn I became a fan and added it to my list of favorites in my blog. This trend of expats blogs mainly concerned to expats living in Brazil get me always curious to know the look of new comers about my country. However, as your husband, I consider myself a citizen of the world and thinking so I dared to publish a blog about Brazilian Culture in my "macarrônico" English, I mean, I speak English as a Brazilian does, not properly as an English native speaker. That special difficulties with phrasal verbs and slangs. So I consider me really dared to do it, but please folks, forgive me and give a look-see to know if worths all my efforts. Hugs.


Anna Mae Gold said...

Lovely! Just lovely!

GingerV said...

Have been following you off and on for years and this is the first time I have read this, and yes it is lovely. And if I could warp my basic personality a bit (more than) maybe I could resolve some of my long standing issues.