August 16, 2008


We had a big fire on our street last Thursday. Arson probably because someone had cut the trees down in the lot recently. It's probably been sold for development. Bums me out because I used to walk Dharma along this part of the street and the lot used to be filled with trees and bambo. I frequently saw a big red-headed woodpecker in there. And now it's just a smoldering pile.

Bambo burns explosively and makes loud popping sound. The flames shot up so high that they melted the street lamp and burned power and phone lines. So we were without phone or internet for a while.

But.... the good news! The phone company had to replace the lines and whatnot and the new ones give us much, much faster internet! (We have a dsl type service). So fast in fact, that I can finally upload video to youtube without timing out. So here you go!

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