July 9, 2008

Lazy Winter Afternoon

Toodling down the road as the sun sets early in the austral winter.

(austral... show of hands... how many knew that one without looking it up?)

This is the farm we cross through to get to our house. Now don't be jealous. You can come visit. Just as soon as we have name for the place.

We're taking suggestions. We want something strong. Something timeless. But nothing sappy and not too cool or ironic. We can translate it into Portuguese or leave it in English. So far C has suggested Paradise dos Carapicus. Carapicus are those infernal cockleburs that have overgrown most of the fields and which Dharma attracts like a magnet. Obviously I'm vetoing that...

This time of year the sky doesn't hold a cloud. You could get swallowed up by so much blue.

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