July 12, 2008

Holy Termites

Yesterday while C was discussing plumbing and septic with our builder I wandered off to explore.

In the last few weeks we've had the brush cut back from the fields and discovered a large swath of land that we didn't even know we owned. Well, in theory we knew where the borders of the property were, but we'd never actually seen this field because the path leading there was too overgrown to pass. Its bigger than a few football fields.

Anyway, so I set out to walk down to the edge of it just to see. Picked my way carefully across because I wasn't in snake proof boots. Although I've never seen any snakes. Just rumors.

At the far end of the field I came across one of the biggest most spectacular termite mounds I've ever seen! Hard to tell by the picture, but it is at least 12 feet high. It's climbing the tree.

I thought it looked like an Easter Island Moai.

But C looked at it and said, "Wait a minute! It's Jesus!"

Well there you go. Our land is now a pilgrimage destination. People from far and wide will come to pray at the foot of the Holy Termite Mound.

We can probably make a killing on t-shirt sales.

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