October 8, 2005

Tampa airport

I'm sitting in the Tampa airport. I've been here for hours because my mom and F's flight back to San Fran was much earlier than mine. It's the first time I've had Internet access since we Brazil on Monday. Our flight had a stop over in Miami on the way back, which it originally wasn't supposed to have. It was scheduled to be direct to JFK but they changed it at the last minute. So I jumped off in Miami at 6am when it got there and wandered around the airport until the ticket booths opened and I could buy a ticket to Tampa. Anyway, it's all been a whirlwind. I'm looking forward to the relative normalcy of sleeping on E's couch in Brooklyn.

The funeral was... interesting. That's about all you can say about a Masonic funeral. I could say weird, but that might sound disrespectful to my grandfather. So I'll just say interesting. My grandma is a real trooper. She cried of course and had a few very sad moments, but she held her head high. Can't imagine what it would be like to loose the person you've shared your bed with for 50 years. Even when grandpa was at his worst physically and mentally in the past few years, he was still her constant companion.

It was also great to see my family -- my aunt and uncle and three cousins. Can't remember the last time we were all together like that. I'm not very close with them, but I do love them in a way that only family blood bonds can allow. We're all pretty different in our outlook on the world -- I was really surprised that my youngest cousin, who is incredibly bright and is studying linguistics, didn't seem much interested in traveling to any of the country's whose languages she studies (i.e. japan) but that's just me imposing my interests, and she's her own person so I can't fault her for it. ALL of my cousins are super strong willed. Don't think they sucked it out of their thumbs either.

Well onto New York. My heart aches for that grey cement skyline!

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