October 2, 2005

A funeral detour

I'm on my way back to New York, but a detour has found it's way into my plans. My grandfather died this week and they are having the funeral coincidentally the day after we were scheduled to get in. So I'm going to arrive in JFK Tuesday and get straight on another flight to Florida. Delirious... Our trip starts at noon tomorrow leaving for Rio and I won't arrive in Florida till 8pm Tuesday night...

Grandma is actually much better off. Grandpa had Alzheimer’s. He should have died years ago, but modern medicine somehow manages to keep the body alive long after the mind goes. Not fair for him or anyone else. My mom's been there for weeks. She actually had to take a medivac (long distance ambulance) from Chicago to Florida with him because the grandparents were visiting Chicago when he started his final downhill slide. My grandmother refused to hospitalize him in Chicago so my poor mom who though she was just going to be in Chicago for a weekend at the beginning of Sept. had to make the drive to Florida and has been there ever since. Mom's super worn out and dying to get back to California.

I'm actually looking forward to getting back to New York and eating healthy again. It's so hard to learn how to eat all over again in a different culture. The diet here seems to be based on white bread, cheese, sugar, coffee and beer. All the healthy things. I've been eating terribly in Brazil and partying too much and generally just not taking care of myself. I keep saying to C-- no more beer, no more coffee, but it never lasts for more than 2 days...especially the coffee. It's my constant lurking devil. If I even smell it I want it. I'm going to meditate on green tea for a while. Then maybe someday I'll actually start drinking it!

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