April 8, 2009

The New World Order?

Am I too idealistic to think that perhaps there could be a new world order dedicated to fighting poverty and improving human rights? One that would not allow its developing economic muscle to become corrupted by greed and a desire for dominance at any cost, be it social or environmental. Could that really happen? Or am I just naive. Yeah, that's more likely.

But as we watch the United States and Europe melting down before our eyes, it seems that India, Brazil and South Africa are quietly conspiring to level the global playing field while keeping China at arms length.

Today's Wall Street Journal has an article about this coalition of three called the IBSA:

IBSA is not a security alliance -- Brazil and South Africa, after all, are harsh critics of India's nuclear program. What it is, rather, is an alliance that seeks to use democratic ideals to effectively reshape the U.N. and other international institutions to serve poor countries better. In a strange way, IBSA is a community of democracies from hell -- a group of countries with impeccable democratic credentials who are using that common identity to challenge rather than advance U.S. interests. International relations scholars call this "soft balancing" because rather than confronting the U.S., they are simply trying to restrain and reorient it. The reason this may work is that, as democracies, these countries have the moral stature in the international system to achieve those goals. Indian and Brazilian diplomats in particular, already among the world's best, can advance the IBSA agenda because they share common ideals.

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Ray Adkins said...

Still on smoking ban:


Apparently, Sao Paulo is transitioning from "designated smoking areas" into ZERO tolerance with smoking.
Now, you can only smoke in your house or in your car.


lovelydharma said...

Thanks Ray! I know I read that last night and was really happy to hear it. Now let's see it get enforced. It's really (really) bad in my city. I can count on one hand the number of places that have a designated smoking area and can't think of any that ban it completely. We're a huge college town too, so business get lots of business from college kids and try hard to appeal to them - like the ever present xeeseburger and smoking everywhere. Yick.

Evelyn said...

Enjoyed the article and I want to be optimistic, too! It's about time the world starts caring about its poor because caring only for the rich clearly has led us nowhere!

Corinne said...


Totally unrelated, but thought you might want to know:
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