March 28, 2009

You know you're Brazilified when...

You finally get around to labeling your spice cabinet and...

you do it in Portuguese.

Well, in all fairness, I've been the only one whose sniffer has known what some of those spices were. And were I to have put it in English, that would have continued.

When Ger cooks for us she doesn't often venture beyond salt and pepper. Although there was a period when she discovered the unlabeled turmeric (curcuma) and put it on some chicken. C and I were both surprised at the change and commented that we liked it. Inspired and trying hard to please she went on a bit of a turmeric bender and put it in everything. One day C quietly asked me if I could perhaps tell her not to use it. I couldn't. She's so sweet and get's flustered and berates herself if she thinks she's done something wrong. I was afraid she'd take it as criticism of her cooking. So I hid it. When she asked where it was, I just said, "oh, I think we must have run out, but don't worry, a little salt and pepper will be just fine."

I can't wait to see what takes place now that the spice cabinet is freshly armed with labels!

And in other news -

Caqui! Caqui! Caqui!

Tis the season...

Oh my dearest caqui!
How ever do I love thee -
your caramel sweetness abounds
in pushcarts all over town.
Just 4 for a buck
I am in such luck
we'll be sucking our fingers till dawn.


Stephanie said...

I am impressed!! :)

What is caqui exactly?

lovelydharma said...

Oh, hee, hee... I got so excited over them I forgot to mention it..
They're persimmons - which I never liked before because I'd only tried the acorn shaped type that is sour.

The Brazilian type of caqui I think is sold in the US by the japonese name for them - Fuyu. They have a really mellow sweetness, sort of like maple syrup. But you might have to wait until next year because I think they might be out of season by the time you get here!

Ballerina Girl said...

I so enjoy the sweetness of the caqui also! I am always buying it here!