March 23, 2009

Plans and projects


I just love these whimsical little recycled plant holders that someone painted and nailed on a bamboo fence in the village. They even threw in a sardine can. The plants look like they might have seen better days though.

I used to be crafty. I don't know what happened as of late. My finished projects were never very accomplished. I'll never be clever enough to have an Etsy shop. But it was the experience of completing something I always found satisfying. Now my knitting basket sits gathering dust (I actually never have finished any knitting project - I always unravel them half way through) and my sewing machine hasn't been out from its hiding place under the stairs in ages. Jars of acrylics have dried up and I have no idea where the paint brushes have gone off to.

But I saw this and started saving cans. We'll see how long C remains patient seeing them stockpiled in the corner of the kitchen. Before long they will probably get accused of being just like that bag of scraps I'm saving for a quilt (the one that was stashed in a closet in Brooklyn for years and got shipped all the way across the equator) or the eggplant I am always buying with promises of making babaganuche that eventually rots in the crisper drawer.

But it is Monday and Mondays are good days to dream up new things. Like a cooking blog about an all thumbs adventure in a Brazilian kitchen. It has been sitting there for a while now, that one. Let's see if it gathers as much dust as my sketchbooks.


Stephanie said...

I am a terrible one for starting projects and NEVER finishing them. In fact i was going to bring my scrapbooking with me to Brazil and thought maybe I'd have time to work on it there....I think I still will...but I doubt anyone should hold their breath! Hahaha!

Maybe we'll have to get together one day and be creative, like paint all your cans ;)

AkuTyger said...

This post was like reading my own brain.

lovelydharma said...

Well, glad to know I'm not the only crafty procrastinator. Craftily procrastinating!
Stephanie... it's a date! Any word on arrivals?
Aku, we are of one mind!

Emily said...

Oh, I can so relate! I shipped an awful lot of things down here that I was sure I would be working on, and now they sit - just like they were back in the US. (I was going to get back into sewing, I was going to finish the scrapbook of our first year together, I was going to . . .)