February 12, 2009

A Mended Wall

The rainy season has been very long this year.


And it is expected to last even longer.


We went up to Ibitipoca on Tuesday (in the pouring rain) to settle up on some work that has been sporadically happening on the house. Our great pedreiro has been trucking the cement in on his own because the delivery truck still can't get into the valley.

No much further work on the house has been done, but the swamp lilies are in full bloom. (Their smell is intoxicating.)


And we really must to remember to fix that weed wacker. (The gardener's been on vacation, apparently.)


We discovered we have a new waterfall.


And a new wall!


The wall was not a structural necessity. But it is something I always envisioned there. And while maybe there is something that doesn't love a wall, I certainly do! Even if I never bothered to ask what I was walling in or walling out.


I think it adds a bit of civility to our rambunctious little spot.

We also earned ourselves one very wet,


Very (very) dirty,


Very (very! very!) happy dog.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go, as promised and clean the backseat of the car.


Anonymous said...

No, the wall IS a structural necessity! To direct the water away from the area in front of the house, which would otherwise be a mess everytime it rains. Also to turn the upper area into a safe parking.

lovelydharma said...

Oh pipe down Mr. Anon. You now it was just a glorified landscaping project. You won't be saying it makes for safe parking when you back the car over it. And besides the water is currently pouring out through drainage holes in the wall. Nice try. I really must turn off the access for anon comments...

Anonymous said...

Missing the K in there...it is the only away to make that area flat and usable for parking. and the holes are temporary, after the tractor comes and fill it up, we will direct the water to the side.