January 12, 2009

Summer scenes

I'd like to introduce you to my newest obsession.


Candied figs with fresh farmer's cheese. Here I have managed to restrain myself to only two figs, but rest assured, I could eat the whole jar in one sitting.

Candied fruits in a simple syrup are a big specialty in Minas. You can find oranges candied with the skin, green papaya sliced paper thin and rolled up, mango, peaches and guava.
Dried guava sold in big blocks is also a perfect combination with white cheese - they call it "Romeo and Juliet."

But my favorite is the figs. They are like eating sticky green jewels. I finish eating them and my mouth immediately wants the sensation of holding another on my tongue.
I think for me this will forever be the taste of summer in Brazil.

And it is summer! It's hot and the days are deliciously long and the green has just exploded everywhere as only it can in the tropics.

The weeds have consumed the sidewalks, and aren't they pretty?

street weeds

And the sunsets get more and more spectacular by the day (and just a bit scary.)


And speaking of scary...

This was our view of the moon rising last night.


It was a dog symphony all night long.

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Laural Out Loud said...

Oh my gosh, those look delicious! Espeically with the cheese! Now I have to see if my MIL can send me some.