November 9, 2008

President of the World

I was standing in the grocery store check-out line (why do so many of my posts take place in the grocery store...?) and noticed this on the newsstand.

It's a weekly magazine, equivalent to Newsweek. I picked it up and then put it down again. Debating on spending R$8 on it. (Magazines in Brazil are disproportionately expensive).

When I picked it up a second time, resolving to buy it, the guy behind me noticed and asked, "You like him?"

To which I answered, "Yeah, he's my President."

And he smiled and said, "He's my President too."

Now maybe there was some confusion and he didn't realize that I was American, (I do like to pride myself on being able to blend in and hide my accent, but it's a ruse that's usually lost if the conversation carries on more than a few sentences. ) But even so, it appears Obama has become the World's President. Now if that's not a lot of pressure I don't know what is. Are we setting him up to fail?

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