December 21, 2006

More Holiday Cheer

So here is a little more on Christmas in my town. Looks pretty familiar -- shopping malls, fake Santa's, fake pine garlands, fake snow. C said he was so happy to finally see snow when he moved to Paris at the age of 18. Finally he understood why Christmas decorations were covered in this dumb white cottony stuff.

The Santa in the above picture (he's on the right) was actually a teenage kid. When I walked by him, some of his friends were harassing him and pulling on his beard.

The above picture of the lighted but abandoned main avenue was taken at about 3am after C and I stumbled out of a holiday party drunk on bad Brazilian "champagne" . (Word to the wise, stay away from Brazilian wines -- they're lousy.)

Yet another late night drunken photo. This one catching a bit of the town cathedral and lighted star on the Morro do Cristo -- the big mountain that hovers over our town. Perspective is funny in this picture. The star is actually pretty high up and off in the distance.

The yellow sign warns you to be careful and not slip and crash into a pile of teddy bears.

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