September 16, 2005

2 Green Parrots

So as I write I am in the hammock on my terrace while the sun sets, watching a two green parrots on the roof of the building across the street. These particular types of parrots are called Maritacas and they're looked upon like pigeons -- a nuisance. I can understand why -- they make an enormous racket and are famous for chewing up wiring going into buildings. And they always come in pairs, so they have someone to talk to I suppose. Perhaps they are a pain, but they are also bright green and cool looking.

My little dogger, Dharma is playing like crazy with her bone. She has recently learned that if she gets a good running start she can launch herself into the hammock on our terrace, usually catching the hammock snoozer unawares -- I've gotten the wind knocked out of me a few times by surprise attacks. But seeing as she is the cutest puppy that ever lived, I forgive her most of the time.

So much I could share, but I'll finish for now saying, that I've been making a lot of bread! (not in the machine, but by hand.) Tonight I'm attempting bagels... we'll see.... I do miss them terribly.

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