August 1, 2005

Tick bites and too much pot roast

I so much want to sit and write something clever about my life here, but while there are many interested observations trickling through my brain, my computer time is never much relaxed.

Mostly we are just a little frustrated and stressed that we can´t get our container out of hock. A real trial by fire of learning to deal with the corruption and bureaucracy here... C is dying to get some instruments to practice on and I am dying to move into our apartment where I can start cooking and taking care of myself. Max was single for so many years after his divorce, he never used his kitchen. It has measly offerings for cooking -- everything is a improvisation, and I can´t remember a time when I´ve eaten so unhealthy for such a long period of time. We we do get good home cooked meals, (at C´s aunt or Max´s mom´s) and because you most certainly don´t want to refuse anything put in front of you, those home cooked meals have consisted of too much meat...

Anyway, that´s the bad part. The good part is Max´s girlfriend Julliana is just wonderful. She has been such an amazing friend it really has helped ease the sadness of leaving all my other girl buddies. Her best friend moved away to Manus (way up north near at the mouth of the Amazon) last year, right about the time her and Max got really serious, so I think she´s been lacking for female company and is glad to have me around. She´s a super smarty pants too, working on her masters in social psychology, and currently reading Foucault (in french). Max and C are kind enough to let
us sleep-in in the mornings (they leave by 7:30am) so we spend time together in the house, mostly playing house (cooking cleaning) and walking around Max´s land -- there´s a big pond and horses, and amazing birds and monkeys. In the evenings and weekends, we all eat and usually drink too much beer and watch movies or make a big fire in the fireplace -- I taught them Exquisite Corpse the other night, but it wasn´t as much fun with so few people. And yesterday after several caipirihna´s they finally got me to play soccer with them -- three girls against the 2 boys (Julia, Max´s 16 year old daughter joined us, and she kicks ass at soccer -- could have taken the 2 guys on by herself... I mostly got in the way)

I think when we finally do move into our apartment we are all going to miss each other so much. I told them they would have to move in with us for a month or two and we would just keep switching back and forth.

Hmmm... other news? Got a bad tick bite... waiting and hoping no rash appears...

And my cutie puppy is getting bigger by the day. I can almost see her growing in front of me. She is just ridiculously cute... an incorrigible tailchaser (it goes on for hours) and a very fast learner. We mastered fetch in one day. Here's us by the fire on a "cold" night -- it was probably in the 40's.

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