March 30, 2009

Well woop dee doo and whaddaya know?!?!

And that's exactly how I feel!

I did a happy dance all over the house. I looked sort of like Linus, minus the blanket. Oh wait, I'm mixing my cartoons. Vince Guaraldi is probably rolling in his grave.

But - oh, yes! It's like they're hearing us! Maybe they read my last post (whoever they are...)

I just read that cigarette tax is going up to 30% in Brazil.


I have always said to C that smoking laws will never be enforced until smoking becomes unpopular - which will only happen with a serious campaign to make it unaffordable. That's the way it went in the United States. Heavy taxation, fewer people smoking, a greater public awareness and the passing and enforcement of smoking laws become easier.

It's a crime that a country with a public health care system that sort of sometimes works, that uses tax payer dollars to support it, that must treat people with health complications caused by smoking, should NOT have a strong tax on cigarettes.

Well it's about time...


Ray Adkins said...

These are definitely GREAT NEWS!!!!

Stephanie said...

HOW GREAT! I just heard in my state they are trying to pass another .50 cent tax on top of what they already have! WOO HOO!

Thanks for the kind words earlier. The meltdown ensued...but now everything is taken care of and I am MUCH better. I *SWEAR* I am not as crazy as I seem!

Danielle said...

Did you see this?

The article's kind of annoying, actually. All of its support for the "suffering" low-income smokers is silly. It makes it sound like smoking is some right that can't be tampered with. I mean, it is a right, but it's also a free market economy. The tobacco companies can choose their prices and profits, and consumers decide if it's worth it.

We're lucky in our city here in Brazil... not as many people seem to smoke, and there's only one bar that's not open-air. Also, people don't smoke inside of restaurants-- only outside. Not sure if it's a city/state law, or laws that specific restaurants enforce. It's pretty good, though! Sorry you don't have as much luck in Minas.

Ballerina Girl said...

YEA!!! I am glad they finally smarted up (and read your blog ;) )
Hey we are coming your way for Easter weekend! I know it will be incredibly busy but we are so excited to see this part of the country and especially at this time of year!