January 13, 2009


Hi there,

So I don't know what the flickity flack is up with Photobucket. Honestly I never would have used them in the first place if I had known they were owned by Fox. I just didn't sign up with Flickr right off because I have, over the years, created something like 1,247 yahoo ID's when I needed them to sign into something and I can never remember them. But I finally resolved to create yet one more and sign up with Flickr, and this time I've done something just short of miraculous to help me remember - I wrote it down!

Is it just me or has Photobucket been eaten up by a cyber blackhole? None of my previously hosted pictures appear on my blog and when I try to get to link to their homepage all I get is "page cannot be found." Maybe the whole Fox media empire has finally looked into the face of the Universal Ark of the Covenant of "thee shall not lie about being fair and balanced" and disintegrated into a pile of sawdust (only after having been melted off in layers). Probably not, but one can hope.

Anyway, if you are looking back through old posts and aren't seeing any pictures, bare with me a day or so until I can manage to get them uploaded and relinked through my new (and thoroughly documented) Flikr account. This link meltdown is also coinciding with me still trying to get my photos transferred from my old computer to my new one, so this might take longer than I want it too.


The probligo said...

Just passing through on a "next blog"tour.

Have you read in detail the terms and conditions of using "storage facilities" like Flickr and Google? If you sit and think about the impact of ownership and copyright (if that happens to be a factor) it gets quite scary.

In effect you give over all rights of ownership and publication to the host.

That is why I only net-publish degraded copies of images rather than off-the-camera files.

Just a thought...

lovelydharma said...

Thanks for the heads up. It did cross my mind for a millisecond, but I'm not interested in making any money off my photos. I'm not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination (I just bought my first "real"camera.) I was actually looking for image quality which is what led me to start using these hosting sites in the first place. If someone wants to publish link or whatever without giving me credit, well, that's their bad karma...
But it is something to think about - and certainly important to look out for - especially for people who use their photos to make money.