April 10, 2008

Gratuitous Cute

My two favorite peeps.


Their cuteness just makes me want to barf.

(Dharma is NOT allowed on the sofa, by the way. I came upon this scene and I'm not exactly sure how it happened.)

C is working like a madman. Putting in 18 hour days. We've become part of global outsourcing. Well, sort of. More like globalization, because you'd have to be a native speaker of Portuguese to do what he's doing, so I don't know how many people in the US are loosing their jobs over him. But anyway, he somehow got hooked up with this US based voice over company that provides translation services in various languages for corporate clients. At least I think that is what they do. All I know is he is recording his lovely voice (it is actually, a very nice voice, resonate and deep) all day and all night doing a Portuguese translation of whatever they send him -- the hazards of melting pig iron, how to prevent workplace injuries, office ergonomics and stuff like that. Really exciting stuff. Then he has to edit it all taking out his flubbs, breathing and sneezing, the neighbor's barking dog (not our dog!), my clattering around in the kitchen, and the occasional phone ringing, and then through the magic of computer, the amazing bytes and blips of cyberspace, he is able to upload it all over an FTP. The current project is huge, almost 30 recordings and it's on a really tight deadline. I feel so bad for him. He just sits like a zombie in his mini home studio, staring at the computer morning to night, trying to get it all done.

Me on the other hand, I've spent waaaaaaaaaay to much time messing around with format of my blog. It is sure to change a lot more before I find something else to procrastinate about...

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