October 9, 2006

Toast with a side of fried laptop

Well, for the first time in my life it has finally happened. My laptop spit the bit this weekend. My heroic husband is still trying resuscitating procedures, but things aren't looking good. Now I have to steal time on his computer and really using his G5 with a 17" flat screen monitor isn't so bad, except that it isn't MINE, and I can't snuggle up on the couch with it and my dog. I'm super depressed about it. There isn't much MAC support here in Brazil, and replacing the board or hard drive would be prohibitively expensive. It isn't likely we will have money to purchase a new one here (more than %100 increase on the cost because of importation duties) and we don't have yet any plans to go back to the US (even purchasing one there would be a little risky trying to get it back through customs unnoticed to avoid the 100% importation taxes).

So, I'm trying to get used to the idea of life without a computer.

(eyes get wide, hands start to shake, large lump forming in throat)

I don't think you can blog with - what's that called, ummmm, I'm forgetting the word for it -- wait, oh, yeah -- a pen and a paper. Yeah, no blogging with chicken scratch on the back of used envelopes.

Okay, I'm going to go crawl under the covers and turn the lights out now, no wait, can't do that, it's only 11am.


C just read my blog and came to me offended. "It's a 20" STUDIO DISPLAY monitor! Not a lously old 17"" Oops, sorry. Now I'm really not worthy to use it.

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