June 8, 2006

Time Waster

Okay, sorry people. My blogger buddy who got me into this whole online mess recently posted that blogging was out. Well craparoo. I try and try to be cool and still I can't keep up. So got all distressed these past two weeks trying to decided if blogging was passé enough to count as cool again, or if I would have to wait another month or so before it became retro hip. (These things do turn around quickly, right? Isn't the latest fashion trend right now so 2005?) Anyway didn't mean to be holding out on you.

There have been various other problems as well. Such as the discovery of some
good time wasting sites on the internet. And of course the subservient chicken.

Another major distraction has been that the custom made furniture we ordered a million years ago, and was promised to us in 14 days, finally arrived last week. And of course everything is wrong with it. We were really congratulating ourselves when we first ordered it because we got such an amazing price and the carpenter seemed so great, and he only uses all wood that is recycled, aka "demolition" wood that was torn out of old houses. But he made a million mistakes and a number of things came out wonky, and he had to remake my desk and our dining table completely. The problem is that the are doing a lot of the reworking in our living room, so everything has been a torn up confusion of dust and books and our belongings tossed about. It looks again like we just moved in.

The great part is that the new and improved dining table is made from the ceiling beams of a 200 year old house. It weighs more than the Titantic, and will probably never leave this apartment, but is soooooo beautiful (or will be as we still have to get him to trim the legs down -- he made it at 32" high, when standard is 30 max. I feel like a midget sitting there, no offense to short statured peeps.)

Dharma likes the table though.

I post this picture, knowing that C's mom and aunt are going to give me some rib jabbing. Neither are big dog lovers and they think that I take way too many pictures of her. And now that I've gone and actually put a dog on the table (the horror!) I may not ever get either of them to sit down and share a meal with me again.

Okay, and my final excuses are that I've had a nagging hacking cough for the past week and that blogger periodically sucks lemons. The last three times I've gotten mildly inspired to sit down and write the site has been crashing out due to heavy traffic. Oh the price we pay for free stuff.

Okay, so that's up to date on my not too exciting life. I promise the next posts will come without all the dog-ate-my-homework whining and in a more timely fashion.... I was actually bitch slapped into action by my step-dad (who shall from now on be known as Back of the Pack Jack, as a loving reminder to keep it under 90mph as he somehow managed to override the previous racing ban placed upon him and is once again doing boyish things in toy cars.)

Here I'll leave you with a picture of C I took last weekend when I caught him fooling around with our neighbor at our land up in the mountains. Fat cow.

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